Dome stickers, which are also known as 3D stickers, are vibrant labels and one of the best ways to make a statement. Dome stickers are used regularly on machinery, unique products, windows and an assortment of other surfaces because of their impressive tactile quality which sets them apart from other graphic stickers. Many organizations love utilizing dome stickers because they can be used in any location, whether indoors or outdoors.

When looking for someone to handle your dome stickers, it is best to rely on the services of a reliable printing company. This is because dome stickers printing requires professional expertize that can ensure that the end product is flawless.  Some of the biggest dome sticker mistakes made can be avoided entirely by learning and understanding the most common issues. Here are some of the most common dome sticker mistakes to avoid:

Domed labels are typically thicker than undomed ones, so they require special adhesive to make up for the difference in thickness. When ordering your dome stickers, be sure to specify that you want the right adhesive that can handle the surface in which the sticker will be placed. Ensure to only purchase dome stickers and adhesives that are thick and specifically made for domed labels.

The levels
Another big mistake that people make when ordering dome stickers is to make purchases of dome stickers from traditional label suppliers. These traditional suppliers typically do not have the facilities to keep thousands of domed labels level until they are cured. As such, it is important to purchase from a supplier that has the right manufacturing equipment that can allow them to maintain the best level during the process of curing.  To ensure that your dome stickers are level, check the thickness around the edge of the label; a level dome sticker should maintain the same thickness throughout.

Under and over doming
It is essential to look out for custom made and calibrated dome stickers that are consistent and uniform all through. When the liquid dome is not poured in the exact volume, it tends to either overflow to the edge of the label or flow just before the edge, which means that the dome sticker will not adhere properly.  The difference between a well-done dome sticker and one that is full of errors is plain and easy to see. As such, you should only rely on the services of a professional firm that specializes in dome sticker printing to avoid these common mistakes.

Magnetic Name Badges

Our magnetic name badges have high power magnet attached to the badge. This means no more pins. Magnetic name badges will help reduce wear on your clothing. Magnetic name badges are easier to apply.

The weight of the magnetic name badge is made lighter by using a plastic board with a thin aluminum sheet to give the Gold or Silver finish to the back.  Magnetic name badges are also available in white and full colour print.

We have no colour limits to our name badges so full colour logos are allowed or even a full background.

To order or for more information regarding our magnetic name badges please contact us for more information.

We also have button badges for promotions and events and conference badge holders.  There is a minimum order on there so for more information please contact us.


Pin Name Badges

If you looking for a cheaper option or you just do not like magnetic name badges then the pin badge is the option for you. The name badges are cheaper than the magnetic name badge due to magnet material costing more. These are ideal for schools or as a cheaper option for casual staff or staff who tend to loose their name badges often.  No matter which name badge you go with magnetic or pin name badge both are made with high quality materials and are hand made with care and attention to detail.


When deciding on a colour for your name badges please be aware of your logo colours before making a decision, for example if your logo you require on the name badge has grey in it then you should not choose a silver background. 

We can only advise but the choice is yours



magnetic name badges-resin sticker-name tags

Name Badges Cape Town

Delivery countrywide.  We are based in Durban but service all areas of South Africa.  Delivery is charged at R55 for all for main areas in and around South Africa. Should you be in an area that our courier does not service we will quote accordingly for delivery.

Once you badges are ready to be sent delivery in Durban takes 2 DAYS

Cape Town Name Badge Delivery

Some areas in cape town will not be able to receive our name badges directly to your door by our courier but all main areas will. If you are ordering name badges to be delivered to Cape Town then please check if your area is supported by contacting us. We will arrange another delivery service for you. Note price may vary for this.

All badges are sent with tracking numbers so you can track when you parcel will be delivered to you in Cape Town.

We make quality name badges that are manufactured in Durban. Our badges are small enough to be sent anyway in the country including Cape Town.

Name Badges Johannesburg

Because our name badges are lite in weight they are easily packaged and sent to any where in South Africa.

We are a Durban based company but courier countrywide!

We use Fastway courier service to deliver our name badges directly to Johannesburg and some selected areas will get our name badges directly to there door with Fastway over night Johannesburg special.

We make quality name badges that are manufactured in Durban. Our badges are small enough to be sent anyway in the country including Johannesburg.

Delivery to Johannesburg once your made have been made - 1 to 2 DAYS

Magnetic Name Badges Durban


Delivery countrywide.  We are based in Durban but service all areas of South Africa.  Delivery is charged at R55 for all for main areas in and around South Africa. Should you be in an area that our courier does not service we will quote accordingly for delivery.

Once you badges are ready to be sent delivery in Durban takes 1 DAY


name badges durban-magnetic name badges-name tagsName Tags vs Name Badges


Name badges and name tags are basically the same thing but some clients are using the term name tags incorrectly. When ordering name badges or name tags be sure to understand what you are ordering. Our name tags could refer to conference name tags which are clear with a pin or clip or both.

Have a resin dome that is clear but raised on the name badge, The name tags have a clear plastic which you can print a card size print and slip in the clear slide for displaying names and details for the event or conference.
NAME TAGS are used for conferences, corporate events, security entrance for identification and other applications.
Name Badges are for your everyday uniforms for waitrons, corporate staff, teachers etc.  They finish off a uniform and provide identification.  Photos may even be printed on the badge at no extra cost should this be necessary for your company's needs.


Is there a Minimum order for badges?

There is no minimum order for name badges.  However the higher the quantity the better the price per badge. 

Turn around times on badges?

Name badges take 7-10 working days from approved artwork and proof of payment.

How much are the name badges?

Prices range from R25 to R65 – Please contact us for an accurate quotation and remember to state the quantity of badges you are wanting to order.  Also whether you are wanting pin or magnet backing.

Is there a design fee for the layout of the badges?

Yes there is, we charge for different size layouts:
Small (Under 10 badges) – R65
Medium (Under 100 badges) – R95
Large (200+ badges) – R150 

Do you offer special rates to restaurants and schools?

We do, please contact for a quote!

Is there a delivery / postage fee?

Badges are delivered to all customers at a fee of R55 no matter how big or small the order.  Should our courier not service your area your badges will be sent with speed services overnight service to your PO Box or nearest post office. 

If artwork is supplied in which format should it be?

Artwork for name badges is done in Adobe Illustrator . So should be sent to us as .ai file.  PDF’s are also accepted.  If you are only supplying your logo to us in order to the layout for you please supply this in JPEG or PDF format along with the names you require on each badge. 

Are the name badges scratch-proof?

The name badges are finished off with a clear resin dome glossy sealer which is very difficult to scratch, leaving you badges looking newer for longer.

How will I know what my badge will look like before it is made?

A proof will be emailed to you before any printing is done. Proofs are sent in white and will only be applied to Gold or Silver (if this was chosen) once the badge is printed.  All proofing is done with a white background.   An invoice for the badges will be emailed with this proof.

How does it work with payment for badges?

Once you have received the proof and are happy with the layout of your badges your invoice that was sent with the proof will need to be paid in full and proof of payment faxed or emailed to us in order to process your order.
Once proof of payment is received badges are completed within 4-5 working days and are ready to collected or delivered. 

Do you offer resellers, printing shops, etc special rates?

Yes we do - Please contact us for an accurate quotation. 

Can I have as much colour as I want on the badges?

Yes, badges may be full colour if preferred.  We do not charge you extra for this.

What is the standard badge size?

Standard badge size is 60mmx20mm, sometimes if the clients logo is to long to fit logo and name next to each other the logo is placed above the name giving you a 58mmx22mm badge.

Happy?  Want to order badges? Here’s what to do!

Email your logo, names for the badges and the company info you would like the quote/invoice made out to along with a contact number. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to working with you!

The standard size of a name badge is 60mm X 20mm should you require a custom size name badge, just include the dimensions in your quote request.

When ordering name badges, what would we require?

  • You will need to supply us with the following in when ordering name tags:
  • The names and any other information you require on the name badge – Eg: John Smith, Branch Manager
  • Then you will also need to include your logo in JPEG or PDF format, if you require one on your name badge.
  • Also inform us if you require magnet or pin backing and if you would like GOLD, SILVER or WHITE backing for you name badge.
  • Also any other specifications you might have eg: Photos or any other additions to your badge.